What is a pest inspection?

A pest inspection is a valuable tool for anyone considering purchasing a home, as well as for current homeowners who want to ensure that their property is free of pests and pest-related damage. By identifying any pest-related issues early on, homeowners can take steps to address the problem and prevent further damage.

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What is a sewer scope?

A sewer scope inspection is an important evaluation of a property’s sewer line to determine its condition and identify any potential issues. A sewer scope inspection is particularly important for older homes and homes that have experienced recurring sewer issues. If issues are identified during a sewer scope inspection, repairs or replacements may be necessary to prevent costly and damaging sewage backups and leaks.

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What is a mold inspection?

A mold inspection is an important step in maintaining a safe and healthy living or working environment. By identifying and addressing mold growth early, individuals can protect their health and their investment in a property.

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