What We Inspect

What do we look for during an inspection?

From the foundation to the top of the roof, a thorough inspection is performed documenting and photographing all visible defects. We know you expect a quality inspection consultation. We try to inspect as if we were purchasing the home for ourselves, detecting;

We use the latest diagnostic tools to inspect the following systems and components
  • Moisture/Humidity levels
  • Thermal Radiation
  • Base inspection
  • Wood Destroying Insect Inspection
  • Radon Testing: Ensuring your indoor air quality is safe
  • Pest Inspections: Identifying potential threats to your home
  • Well and Septic Inspections: Assessing the vital systems of your property
  • Mold and Air Testing: Detecting and addressing potential health hazards
  • Water Testing: Confirming the purity and safety of your water source

A thorough evaluation of the doors, floors, walls & ceilings; steps, stairways, balconies & railings; countertops & cabinets; and windows provides valuable insights into the overall condition of a property. The inspector will document any issues or potential safety concerns in their report, allowing homeowners to address them promptly.


During a home inspection, the electrical system is a critical component that is thoroughly evaluated to ensure safety and functionality. We inspect the electrical panel, outlets and switches, do a wiring evaluation, check grounding and bonding, and safety devices.


A roof inspection is a crucial part of a home inspection process that focuses specifically on assessing the condition, integrity, and potential issues with the roof of a property. This includes a visual examination, structural integrity, flashing and sealants, gutters and drainage, and roof penetrations.

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